06 October 2009

Cat Camping Part IV

Camp cat continues...

After righted the tent, EJ went into the house, prepared a mug of coffee and sat down for a much needed rest. Before EJ could finish that mug of coffee, EJ heard unusual sounds coming from the yard and went to investigate.

EJ was dumbstruck at the sight. The tent had travelled to the other side of the yard almost under the Chengal (tropical hardwood) podium. This time the culprit was Tanya.

Inspite of other cats trying to coax Tanya out by pawing and trying to get in the tent, Tanya refused to budge.

This time EJ decided that the tent had to be saved. It wasn't easy. The cats gave EJ a hard time. The tent was folded up and kept.

The cats did have a good time with Tommy inside looking out at Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK and Tanya feeling very comfortable cleaning herself inside the tent.

Since only two cats did not explore the tent, EJ ponders whether both Cinders (15-year-old) and Kenggy (without two front paws) should be given a chance in private.

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Ashkarya said...

Hahahah! The kitties sure are enjoying their tent.