17 October 2009

Urban Chicks

Shrill chirping sounds were heard. It was too loud for small birds; it has to be big birds. Then cackling sounds were heard. Chickens!

Chickens in urban area?

Soon sounds of a hammer hitting wood were heard. If it was for chickens, then a chicken coop was being built. And indeed it was - built in the narrow back lane.

The chickens roamed the entire length of the back lane. The neighbours weren't happy about it.

One said that when her son was a few months' old, each time the cockerel crowed behind her house, her son would wake up crying. This particular cockerel did not seem to be able to differentiate time. It crowed even at midnight! This lady and her family have bought their own house and have moved.

Another family who lives directly behind this chicken coop seldom open their back door as the stench of chicken droppings is overpowering. They, too, have bought their own house and plan to move as soon as it is ready.

Though at times irritated, these neighbours may have had some giggles in observing visitors' facial response to cockerel crowings at night.

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wenn said...

hi..she's so cute..

nurul said...

hmm... pity the neighbor who has to face the over-powerful stench! no wonder all your neighbor has moved out one by one!