10 October 2009

Home Alone Raya Celebration 2009

After the disappearance of the visiting cat during last year's Hari Raya Puasa celebration, this year's celebration would be peaceful. That was what EJ thought and how wrong EJ was.

A few months ago, a neighbour got a frisky kitten and as usual it was given the complete freedom to roam. A quick chat with the neighbouring children, EJ found out that this kitten was given by one of their friends and its given name is 'Boy-Boy'. And of course, Boy-Boy did walk around EJ's porch and sleep in the shade among the flower pots.

Just like last year, this year the neighbours 'balik kampung' to celebrate. They stayed away for a week. And again the same thing happened. Boy-Boy was home alone.

EJ was slightly disheartened at such action and snooped around to see if any food was left out for Boy-Boy. None could be seen and even if any had been put out, for a week strays would have helped themselves to it.

Boy-Boy never asked EJ for food. Instead Boy-Boy hunted and hauled it to EJ's garden.

EJ had mixed feelings - annoyed at having to clean the mess and pleased as this indicated that to Boy-Boy, EJ's porch and garden is his sanctuary and haven where he could sleep and eat in peace without being harassed or disturbed by children.

1 comment:

nurul said...

waa.. that rat really enjoy sleeping there! syok eh?
no need pillow and mattress, your garden is complete! :D