03 August 2009

Hawk-eyed Jack Sparrow

Stray and hungry cats know where to go in Sri Petaling. Perhaps it is the cats' powerful sixth sense together with meow whispers that the cats make their way to a certain shop that sells pet food and paraphernalia - Home Pet Food & Care - owned by Jimmy Lee and his lovely wife Angela.

Being animal lovers and warm-hearted, they pick up strays, nurse and fatten them before rehoming.

One day, a brown mackerel tabby appeared and sat outside the glass door of that shop. On closer look, this cat has only one eye and was promptly taken in.

'One-Eye' was then named Jack Sparrow HAWK after the hero of the film Pirates of the Caribbean. He was cleaned, bathed and soon filled out under both Jimmy's and Angela's care.

However hard they tried, no one seemed interested in adopting 'One-Eye'. Jimmy's friend, Charlene, also a warm-hearted animal lover came to know of this, decided to help. She contacted her 'recently found' ex-colleague EJ about adopting this cat.

EJ preferred to allow Jack Sparrow decide whether he wanted to follow EJ home just like Kenggy did.

During the eyeballing session, Jack Sparrow stared with such sadness that made Charlene cry and EJ promptly phoned the vet to make an appointment.

To compensate what was removed from the rear, his vet bestowed him the Captainship and was thus officially named Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK.

And on Christmas Day 2007, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK became part of the gang - the gang of 8.

PS: So passionate is Jimmy about cats that he breeds the one of the largest known domestic cats - Maine Coon. The constant wins of his cats at international competitions are proofs of his absolute devotion.


Old Kitty said...

Oh Captain Jack Sparrow Hawk!! You are one brave and beautiful kitty!! Me and Charlie are so glad these wonderful people are there to help stray kitties like you and we are so so so happy that you chose EJ and the gang to be your forever family!! Yay!!!! Take care

Gattina said...

How lucky he was !!