23 August 2009

Friends of Pebble and Winnie

EJ managed to locate these old pictures when Pebble and Winnie were still together with these abandoned cats.

This was a big male cat and possibly a Maine Coon mix. He was one of the healthiest looking in the group. It was a beautiful cat.

Another beautiful, healthy looking cat whom EJ believed to be a female as it was always on the alert.

Kibbles left on the parapet for the cats to eat was definitely cleaner than on the road.

Another cat who was too scared to come near, waited in the middle of the road for EJ to go off before eating the kibbles.

This extremely thin white cat possibly a female was a DLH (domestic long hair) waiting to eat as well. EJ was sure that if properly cared for, this cat would turn out to be a beauty. Its fur was sparse possibly due to malnutrition as well as parasites.

Having no home, wherever, whatever and however small or uncomfortable the shelter may be, it was fine with these abandoned cats.

EJ regrets that all these abandonees could not be taken in. Only Pebble and Winnie were taken in as these two were the worst off and needed immediate help the most.

EJ hopes that all the abandonees are now in a 'better, happier place'.


Drunk On Books And Adventure said...

Awww....the poor dears. Are they still around your mum's home? And if they are, is anyone leaving kibbles out for them?

The Chair Speaks said...

Winnie joined the gang in early 2006. Shortly after that many 'abandonees' were not seen. It is believed that many have perished from diseases, starvation or accidents. Now, there are zero cats.

Ellen Whyte said...

It's sad but you can't help them all. Hey, at least you're making a HUGE difference for some cats. Keep up the good work.

The Chair Speaks said...

Thank you Ellen for your comforting words.