07 August 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Cinders

Not many cats have the honour of a healthy long life.

Cinders turned a grande dame at 15 human years last Thursday and did not mind one bit when EJ clean forgot her birthday.

She just went about doing what she does everyday - resting and observing her roommates.

This little chair is her favourite spot.

She still look cute from a certain angle.

This is her favourite pastime and hobby.

May Cinders enjoy doing this for many years to come.

Happy Belated Birthday Cinders.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cinders

Drunk On Books And Adventure said...

Happy belated birthday, Cinders. May you live many more happy, healthy years. :)

The Chair Speaks said...

Dear Blackie007, Cinders said she appreciate and thank you for the birthday wishes.

Ellen Whyte said...

Cinders looks great for her age. Happy Birthday!

Thanks for dropping by. What piece did we do ten years ago for MBusiness? It was quite some time ago!

The Chair Speaks said...

Thanks Ellen for your wishes. Yes, it was long, long time ago before you got Au. I think the articles you contributed to MB was about IT.

The girl who sits next to you (left) said...

Nice photos! My favourite is the third photo, so artistic :)

The Chair Speaks said...

Thank you 'next door girl'. Cinders says thank you, too. :)

Tigertail said...

In Warrior Cats, there are two Cinder cats :D Cinderpelt and Cinderheart.

My personal nickname for Cinders is now Cinderjade, 'cause in the second picture, Cinders' eyes look greenish. :D

The Chair Speaks said...

Cinders is flattered and would like to convey her thanks to you for that lovely name. :D