14 May 2010

My Favourite Classroom

Illiteracy still exists in this modern age. Though education is mandatory for many countries, there are still countries where even the journey to school is an adventure.

Fortunate are those who had education and even more so many decades ago.

Students study in comfort these days with at least fans if not air-conditioners in warm countries. It was unheard of in the earlier days.

EJ had a favourite classroom.

Situated off the centre of the school field, this classroom had no walls. In its place instead was chicken coup wires with an attap thatched roof. Art classes were mainly held here and it was perfect as students had an all-round view of what they wish to draw.

From here, the students could see the blooms of beautiful white lilies with geese waddling near, goods being delivered to the school canteen on a bicycle, cows grazing in the corner of the field, the principal's well-fed dogs mooching around, and smell the sweet scent of the frangipani trees nearby.

It was nice and comfortable during good weather with gentle breeze blowing but with stronger winds, papers had to be held down. And when it rained coupled with strong winds, students moved towards the centre of this classroom away from the droplet sprays.

This photo below was taken in the fifties. EJ recognises classmates in the primary/elementary days. They were the tiny ones in the front, some on those tiny chairs.

EJ believes this was taken on the school sports day. The students were to stay in and around this classroom and not wander for their safety. Those days children were obedient and follow rules with only a handful of mischevious ones.

Many thanks to Rema who preserved and gave this wonderful photograph which brought back lovely carefree memories.


Rema Devi Menon said...

Wow! you remember such small details of our past, great!

I remember this art room - half the building was for storing sports equipment. And i those days, though we felt hot during mid-afternoon period, we were satisfied with the ceiling fans.

Anya said...

Old memories are always so wonderful !!!!
Loved your story(it was touching;)

Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

Jacqueline said...

Funny how photos can bring back memories you haven't thought of in ages...Happy Friday friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Gattina said...

Your school sounds so romantic compared to mine in 1951 ! It was in a quickly built up thing inmidst of ruins and we were 80 little students sitting at four on banks made for two. It was after the war and the whole town (Bonn/Germany) was in ruins. Our teacher was an old dragon with forestanding yellow teeth !

Drunk On Books And Adventure said...

Wow! Geese waddling, goods being delivered on bicycles, cows grazing...wow...it sounds like you're describing a different country, hahah. But it does sound romantic. :)

Old Kitty said...

How idyllic is that??

What lovely memories of your student days - what a healthy and fresh classroom in the great outdoors with nature and animals!

Wonderful! I love the pic - everyone looks very happy and just enjoying themselves - lovely.

Thanks for sharing

Take care

Al said...

Wow...the school looks cool literally! That's no match to the modern airconditioned rooms we have right now.


Marg said...

Oh my, 1951, I was in grade school. I bet I have a picture somewhere of our school kids. Those were the days. We walked to school, no TV, no cell phones, no computers. Gosh what did we do???
Have a great day.

lupie said...

:) EJ - seriously, I've seen your photos and that can't be your classroom!!!

What's ur secret?

Annie Bear said...

What a neat photo. It must be wonderful to have such wonderful memories from looking at it.

It sounds like it was idyllic, at least when the weather was calm. It's amazing to think how different education is today, especially in different countries. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading about this.


Indeed what lovely memories...isn't is wonderful to be able to look back and how interesting it is that a photo can bring back such strong recollections.