27 February 2010

Reunion Dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year

Dinner on the eve of the Lunar New Year is important and normally with your family. Being vegetarian, EJ conjured up a simple dish of vegetarian steamboat.

A cube of organic vegetable stock was thrown in to boil as base soup. This packet of organic vegetable stock was given by Kamala, EJ's classmate since elementary or primary days.

The following ingredients were thrown in to boil.

Cubed tofu
Two types of fish balls made from yam powder; plain white-coloured fish ball and the other brownish vegetable-added fish ball
Sausage made from soya bean
Chicken made from soya bean (irregular shape-looking)
Chinese flowering cabbage

EJ enjoyed this meal tremendously as it was eaten together with the family meaning the same time as the eight cats, Cinders, Tommy, Tanya, Tortie, Pebble, Winnie, Kenggy and Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK, to welcome the Year of the Tiger.

But of course, EJ ate this vegetarian make-believe steamboat while the cats ate their kibbles.

And EJ would like to convey special thanks to Kamala for the organic vegetable stock otherwise this meal would not be as delicious.

This Sunday, the fifteen day, will be the last day of the celebration for the Lunar New Year.


Kea said...

It looks very healthy and quite good, actually. Spices?

Personally, I just hate to cook, period. LOL!

AL said...

Oh my when I read the title Chinese New Year dinner I was anticipating for something with tofu and yes you did! I love tofu so much!


Gattina said...

That would be something for my DIL, she is also vegetarian, but she eats fish and eggs and seafood of course. But no meat at all.

Amin said...

I have not seen before it.

Lucy the Cat said...

This sounds good, but I am wondering if the sausage and chicken were ready-made or if you had to make that before adding to the soup. Anyway, this is very healthy!

wenn said...

looks good!

lupie said...

Hey, your soup looks delicious!

I am seriously trying to imagine a CNY reunion dinner with 1 herbivore living with 8 carnivores! Hahahaha

Did you turn into a herbivore because of your allergies?

katztales said...

Tiger kibbles! Now there's a marketing idea for the kitty krunchy people...