19 November 2009

To Gugu with Love

They call EJ 'Gugu'. It means paternal aunt in their language.

Niece Erin, nephew TC lived with EJ when they were young. When Erin was five and TC a toddler still, together with their parents, they emigrated to Canada. Both Erin and TC are young adults now. Erin has finished her tertiary education in criminal law while TC is still in the University of Toronto.

Visiting each other entails a certain amount of planning and money as the countries they lived in are on the opposite sides of the globe, and cannot be as frequent as they would like to.

Inspite of the distance and absence of presence, love prevails.

Last month EJ's brother and wife came back for a visit. They brought a gift from Erin, a personally hand-woven friendship band of three colours - green, pink and purple.

EJ used 15 plus-year-old Cinders as a model to show off the beautiful colours and woven pattern of the band. It does look good on Cinders.

After posing for a few shots, Cinders got bored and impatient. She decided enough is enough and walked towards EJ meowing in protest.

Thank you Erin for the lovely wristband.


Ellen Whyte said...

Everything looks esp nice on a cat as pretty as Cinders.

Drunk On Books And Adventure said...

Cinders was probably asking you for her payment... :D
BTW, hubby studied at University of Toronto, too. He has fond memories of Toronto. :)

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Cinders looks lovely in the woven band.
Yes, Marshmellow weight 15.6 lbs.
Pearlene weighs 9 lbs.