17 November 2009

Pebble's Perch

Like humans, animals have their favourite corner to lounge or nap. Some cats prefer almost impossible places like squeezing in tiny spots or small gaps.

Pebble, a medium-sized cat, has her favourite - on the small narrow window sill.

EJ always feel uncomfortable each time Pebble sleeps there, but has been reassured by friends including siblings that if Pebble do not find it comfortable, she would not choose to sleep at that particular spot.

Pebble always sleep on the same side with her head placed at the same spot facing down. Where she places her head, there now is a spot where her saliva dribbles down.

EJ is stumped on how to clean that spot the non-caustic way. Water cannot be poured on that area and cannot be scrubbed as well.

Ideas anyone?


Ellen Whyte said...

White vinegar in water, diluted 1 parts to 4. Doesn't' she look pretty!

Tigertail said...

Wow – that's a weird sleeping spot! Zilly likes to sleep anywhere disruptive xD Like where my dad tries to use his mouse ("Hey cat! Stop sleeping on my mouse pad!" HAHA) or where I put my mac or on the piano seat.


Funny how they find those awkward
places, but the window probably has
a great view of the birds outside????
Have a great day!

The Chair Speaks said...

Thanks Kaztales for the tip. Yes, Pebble is pretty. She was abandoned.

Aw, Tigertail, Zilly probably wants attention.

Thanks Jewel Girls Katz, that window is between the cat yard and my bedroom and can look into the hall but not outside.

Pam said...

My cat Peeve likes to sleep in the dining room window. I think it looks so uncomfortable, but what do I know?
Sassie likes to sleep on the heater. It's very weird.
Pebble is a lovely cat. : )

prashant said...

I put my mac or on the piano seat

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