25 June 2010

Little House for Tommy

During those days when Tommy and Tanya used to pay daily visits to EJ (they had an owner then), they slept anywhere in the porch where they thought was comfortable. Those were the days when EJ was a 'squatter' in mother's house.

Sometimes Tommy and Tanya would spend the whole afternoon at the porch. When it became too often and long, EJ decided to make a little house to shelter them from the sun and rain. It was one of the first few little projects EJ made for the cats.

This was it!

It was recycled from an unwanted cardboard box. The side that faced the front gate where the sun shines and the rain comes in was covered with plastic garbage bag held in place and taped down with masking tape, the only tape available in the house that time.

A tiny window was created by using one of mom's knives from the kitchen to cut a big 'U' and folded up as a shade for sun and rain. As you can see it was held up with lots and lots of tape!

The entrance, of course, was at the other end facing the house.

A slit on the side was purposedly made for extra ventilation and light.

Everytime EJ, mom or siblings came home and if Tommy was in his little cardboard-box house, Tommy would stick his nose, mouth and eyes out of that little window to greet and welcome them home with a meow. He cannot stick his ears out as his face was too broad for that window. Everyone was pleased, both human and cat!

This little house was much loved and constantly occupied. When it became worn out as well as when other strays started using it, constantly depriving both Tommy and Tanya of resting in it, EJ had to destroy it.

Since it proved so much loved and appreciated, it encouraged EJ to bigger and more ambitious projects later.

To see how Tommy and Tanya looked like those days before they adopted EJ, please click here for Tommy and here for Tanya.


wenn said...

cute little home!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

How delightful! There is so much we can do using our quick creativity.

Thanks for the visit. Still in the process of writing one more blog in my Random Notion blog.

Have a pleasant weekend. May the two lovable kitts continue to enjoy the love they enjoy with you.

Au and Target said...

I love it! It's really cute.

Jacqueline said...

A wonderful way to help those babies lead a better life; we're sure they LOVED the shelter in the house you provided them... They are so fortunate to have eventually been taken into your loving home...We are always impressed with your kind heart, EJ...kisses and hugs x3 to Tommy and Tanya...Happy Friday sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww what lovely stories of Tommy and Tanya!!! I love the before and after shots of these two cuties!!! Tommy is a handsome boy and glad he's a retired gigolo kitty! And I'm even more glad that he found you EJ when he was all bruised and battered! I love that house you made for him - it's the best and got thumbs up from Tommy!

Tanya is just lovely - look at her now compared to how she first was! She's adorable.

Have a great Friday! Thank you for sharing these heartwarming stories and pics.

Take care

Kea said...

That was very creative and very well done!

Marg said...

That house is so great and well made for those lucky kitties. Those before and after pictures of Tanya and Tommy are just amazing. Just shows you what good care can do for animals. We are so glad that the kitties have such a good home.

meowmeowmans said...

What a great story! We love that EJ used such creativity and love to build that house for the kitties. The before and after pictures are terrific ... they really show hoe Tommy and Tanya have blossomed with your loving care. :)

We love Luna said...

What a cool idea, I loved this "cage", it's a cool place for hiding and playing!
purrs and love
Luna - We love Luna

Lucy the Cat said...

I'm so glad that Tommy and Tanya have their home with EJ now. The little house she made for them was really creative and definitely served its purpose well.

Gattina said...

What a beautiful cat castle made with a lot of creativity ! I bed cats prefer that to these sophisticated houses in plastic !
What a difference in their look, lol !

Sharon Wagner said...

An eco cat house before eco was cool!

Amin said...

Beautiful home.

ABBY said...

That was a lovely story and it truly was a cat castle!

cats of wildcat woods said...

You can make much out of little! Nice home!