05 January 2010

The Morning After

The celebrations and fireworks during Christmas and New Year bothered EJ. It was slightly too noisy for EJ's liking.

Though EJ did not really celebrate, EJ believes the eight housemates did - in a way. These were the evidences the morning after.

Tanya was knocked out.

So was Kenggy.

Including Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK with the tongue slightly sticking out.

Cinders got a splitting headache.

So did Pebble.

Winnie was still dazed and could not lift a paw.

Best of all was Tortie. Perhaps he had one too many drinks.

Tortie's numbed tongue getting in the way when he tried to eat.

So are these convincing enough to say the cats played when EJ's asleep?



Oh my what a way to start 2010! :)
I hope they're all ready for a new
year of COT, because we all want to
see their cute perky faces smiling
for the camera next week! Happy 2010!

Ashkarya said...

Ahahahahahah!! Winnie's hilarious!!

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! these pictures are reflecting exactly the humans on New Year's morning !! Just great !!

Luna und Luzie said...

Great pictures of you cats. How funny looks Winnie.
Our cats don´t like firecracker too. They always try to find the best place in our house to hide .

~Happy Tuesday~

Tink said...

Great pics! Some are hilarious! Beautiful cats though!
My cats show their favourite place to keep warm in this week's COT.

Cindy said...

Goodness me! Ej is the only one in the house who didn't get tipsy. Great captions for the poses. Love Winnie and Pebbles.

Unknown said...

Thank goodness it's only once a year lol! Great pics of all your precious kitties.

catsynth said...

Those are funny pictures with cats "passed out" - especially that picture of Kenggy with the paws straight up :)

Marie said...

Oh my, they are all so adorable!!

Irishcoda said...

ROFL, I love these pictures!

Clarence said...

Happy New Year EJ! May the year 2010 be blessed with happiness and good health

Drunk On Books And Adventure said...

LOL...I love these pictures. :)

Tigertail said...

WOW. xD xD That was so cute. Haha!

Sharon Wagner said...

I love the drunk tortie. But they are all darn cute.

Ellen Whyte said...

They're all party animals!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

These pictures are so funny. It looks as though the cats might have indulged in a little too much partying. Oh well only once a year.