08 October 2010

Tricks for Tortie's Stubborness

When Tortie gets angry with EJ, he goes to sulk in the corner of the opened-door temporary cage.

Tortie refuse to eat or take his pills. With the difficulty of obtaining pill pockets, EJ decided to 'kill two birds with one stone' by coating the pills with mashed moist food like this. 

It does get messy at times but the pill and food bits do get in eventually.

To make up with him, EJ gave him a lined wooden box where Tortie would rest watching TV.

Just before EJ goes to bed usually at midnight or a little later, Tortie will be put back in the meow room to be with his buddies. EJ saw this and quickly recorded the touching moment of Tommy huddled close to Tortie possibly giving support and encouragement.

Since EJ do not have 'octopus hands' to give Tortie fluid therapy daily, EJ is seeking service from the nearest vet which is a 15-minutes drive away. It is stressful for Tortie and EJ to drive daily to the cats' choice vet of almost 30km distance. With a slight jam the journey would take an hour.


Linens and Royals said...

That is so sweet of Tommy to give comfort to Tortie like that.

Kay L. Davies said...

It's an adorable picture of Tommy and Tortie. Dear sweet Tortie, I know how stressful it is for you and EJ going to the vet far away like that. My dog Lindy loves her vet and he is not the closest one to our house.

Thinking of you, EJ and Tortie.

Kay, Alberta

Jacqueline said...

When I gave my Nikki (a special post on Oct. 7 about her) fluids for almost a year and my Mom's cat, Asia, fluids for over 5 years, I would wrap them up in a towel and sometimes they would struggle a little, but I always managed to do it...Best of luck with Tortie; the photos are really precious, especially with Tommy giving him comfort...J
We missed you guys while Mom was busy moving us into the new house...kisses to our sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Boom Nisanart said...
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Boom Nisanart said...

Tommy is a good husband and now he show, he is a good dad as well, To keep his kid comfort...Great Dad !
and they look adorable : )

EJ, do you think some herbs can clam Tortie down while travel. Some say " Thyme and Camomile are effective in helping to calm cat down in certain situation. " But I'm not sure you might have to check with his doctor.
Best of luck for him

Sh@s said...

Animals are also compassionate, that was so sweet of Tommy.
Its funny the way some animals display their anger.

Chandrika Shubham said...

I like the cat in wooden box very much. :) It look so cute. Its tail is so hairy like squirrel.

Old Kitty said...

oh EJ!! You are doing ever so well with beautiful Tortie! Me and Charlie are sending you tons and tons of hugs and support and love and everything good and nice! We are praying that you and Tortie will get through this ok! We wish you all the best and will hope that yours and sweet Tortie's trips to the vets will be as stress free as possible!! Big big big big hugs! Take care

Kea said...

Aw, sweet Tortie! We're glad EJ is able to give you the meds now and we wish good luck with the fluids!

Big smooches from our mom and kitty kisses from us.

We love Luna said...

So sweet this moment and picture of Tommy and Torties, really adorable!
Happy weekend,

Hannah and Lucy said...

We feel for Tortie having to go to the vet everyday for the fluids - it is very stressful for both of you.

Marg said...

Tortie, we sure hope you can start to get better soon. I don't know for sure, but I think after a certain amount of time, you won't have to do the fluids but once a week. I couldn't do the fluids to my cat that needed them either.
Glad it is working to put Tortie's pill in some wet food. Get well soon Tortie.

Brian said...

My sisters and I are all sending purrs to you sweet Tortie!

lupie said...

Tortie, we send our purrs.
We hope you feel better soon.

You are lucky to have a kind, compassionate mom like EJ.

{{hugs to EJ and Tortie}}

P:S: Tommy "knows" Tortie needs the extra support & love.

P:SS : The fluid therapy needs to be on a daily basis? It sounds really challenging.

Annie Bear said...

Oh, I just love Tortie. I'm glad you've found a way to get those pills in him. It's a challenge! It's good that you're able to find a vet close by that is helping with the fluids. Tortie looks so handsome in his lined wooden box. Tommy is such a sweetie to comfort him.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

How sweet they give comfort to each other. I hope you can solve the meds problem.. Hugs GJ x

GRAÇA said...

Tomar comprimidos é mau...uhuhuh
Ronrons da


Oh Tommy you are such a sweetie!
We are sorry that Tortie is having a hard time accepting the medicine...
we know it is hard on EJ.


cats of wildcat woods said...

So glad you found a solution to getting the pills in Tortie. Going tot vet is not easy but at least Tortie gets fluids! Thank you for taking such good care of Tortie!

i beati said...

Tortie looks a little sullen.Does he clean himself a lot??

Gattina said...

That's sad it's a hard time for both of you !
the pictures are so cute !


Very interesting.