05 October 2010

Tanya's Babies

EJ was not sure but believed that this was the fourth batch of kittens that Tanya gave birth to. How Tanya came to EJ to give birth can be read here.

She gave birth to five lovely kittens on 16 April 2001, three males and two females.

Niece and nephew who lived with EJ that time had fun giving hilarious names to the kittens.

4head, male, was so named as he had a full wide forehead;
Wig, male, because he looked like he wore a black wig on his little head;
Rug, female, because the colour and pattern on her body resembled those of a rug;
Eyeshit, female, due to a black spot at the corner of her eye which EJ first thought was stubbon dirt that refused to go after many attempts at cleaning'
Tortie, male, last born and handicapped, was short for tortoise after his vet said his legs had that condition that splayed out like a tortoise.

The kittens were playful and cute as they grew. They were given special formula for kittens to supplement Tanya's milk as Tanya was not in good condition when she came. Tortie always had his milk separately from the others as EJ had to put his antibiotic in it. Here you can see how his hind legs splayed outwards while lapping his milk in the maroon-coloured plate.

When the kittens were weaned of milk from Tanya, EJ took Tanya to be spayed. EJ believes strongly that our playboy Tommy is the father of the kittens. And here is scrawny Tommy keeping his queen Tanya company after the operation. 

Both Tanya and Tommy did not belong to EJ yet at that time.

For more cat stories, please visit http://gattinamycats.blogspot.com here


magiceye said...

hey tanya your kitties are as cute as you!

woof woof
from bozo
Pet Pride

Boom Nisanart said...

Tortie was born to be special !
and he was so cute !

I really interest about their mom, Tanya. I can't wait to hear her story. How she become yours ? Might be " Love story with Tommy : )

EJ, where the rest of kittens go ? to Tanya's ex owner ?

By the way, Please have a happy Tuesday with all your kids : )

Lui in Heaven said...

Oh EJ what purrfect furries and we really hope Tortie will be alright soon!

When Sumo's 17-year old mate Pica (and Sweepy's Mumsy) went to the Rainbow Bridge 2 years ago, Sumo's liver failed and Sumo turned yellow and won't eat! It was such a heartbreaking time most especially when the vet said Sumo might follow Pica. But I prayed and asked for guidance and soon I found myself giving Sumo chicken liver (to wrap capsules) and virgin coconut oil for him to drink (a teaspoon anytime he wants) In a week, Sumo was up and about, eating normally and the yellow color returned to normal (for a black dog to have yellow skin looks scary!)Sumo is 10 years old and turning 11 this January while his pup Sweepy is 8. Yes, I have healthy senior dogs now!

I mentioned this because we pray that you will also have the strength and be guided on how to care for a sick animal. I know it is not easy and remember that you have us to send you all healing vibes. Hang on EJ! Your furries need you to be healthy too!

We love you furriends!
Lui, Sweepy and Sumo

Gattina said...

How sweet ! The names are terrible, lol ! I love to read your cat stories !

Au and Target said...

You take care of cats and kits and organise spaying too. You are a nice person :-) and I'm proud to be your blog pal.

Old Kitty said...

Oh EJ!! I never knew Tanya and Tommy are Tortie's mum and dad!! Wow!!! How lovely!! It's so wonderful that they're all together with you!

Me and Charlie love the names you gave to adorable Tanya's babies!!! Awwwww!!

We are sending Tortie lots of purrs and healing hugs and hope he is feeling better!! Take care

Kea said...

What sweet babies! And very good and proper to have Tanya spayed--all the more so because she wasn't EJ's at the time. We wish more people were like EJ!

Continued purrs for Tortie, we hope there will be an update.

Brian said...

That is a bunch of cuties!

We love Luna said...

Adorable story, and those kitties are so beautiful!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We smiled at how the kittens were named. Please let us know how Tortie fares.

Marg said...

Tortie was such a cute kitten. Sorry he wasn't doing so well yesterday. How is he now?? We got our paws crossed and sending lots of purrs that he will get better. Tortie please get better for EJ.

Kay L. Davies said...

EJ, you are an amazing person. You set a good example to people all around the world through your blog.
The kittens are adorable, but of course everyone is worried about Tortie now that he is sick. Love and hugs to Tortie and you from Alberta, Canada.
-- Kay

catsynth said...

It is interesting to read the histories of the cats in your household. Such a cute bunch of kittens. Sending good thoughts for Tortie.

Nico, Simon and JayJay said...

Great story!! What happened to the other kittens?? We were so curious that we followed the link & read about how Tanya became your kitty!!

It takes an incredibly good person to spay/neuter a cat when you know who the irresponsible owner is... We think Tanya made a great choice trusting you to take care of her & her kittens!!

Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

Boo-Bah said...

Adorable names, and adorable kitties. There is nothing cute than a baby kitty.

Dianne said...

I love 4Head!!

meowmeowmans said...

Such beautiful babies (crazy names, though)!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

That is a cool story about Tortie & his siblings :) Tahya had some cute kitties.
We send purrs that Tortie will feel better soon,even though he will never be well.
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Splendid Little Stars said...

inspiring story! (because you are so kind to take care of these kitties!)

i beati said...

those are funny names they succeeded!!sandy

Amin said...

Very beautiful kittens.