01 June 2009

Cinders - 15 soon

Cinders turns 15 on 30 July this year. In human years, she will be 77 years' old. She still has all her teeth intact - an indication that she has not had a tough life as a stray fighting for food or eating leftovers in the rubbish that could cause injuries to the mouth.

Cinders came with her cross-eyed brother, (the late) Cookie when they were 3 months' old. They were given by EJ's then colleague, Jackie. The kittens came in a special package promotion - take (adopt) one, get one free! Cinders was the free gift.

It was just as well as EJ's lived-in school-going niece and nephew each get to name the kittens. Cookie was so named as EJ's nephew who was in primary school explained that he could draw Cookie's crossed-eye dots on the 'double O' in that name. EJ's niece who was in secondary school took a longer time to decide on an apt name. She decided that the name Cinders was most appropriate as it describes the colour of her mottled fur. It is also short for Cinderella.

So how does a 15-year-old cat behave and look like? Cinders is not as frisky as before but still alert. She minds her own business and does not disturb or tease other cats. Just like matured human ladies, Cinders' body shape changed a bit, subjected to the pull of gravity and hormones. Her armpit area and rump sagged.

Now as her age advances, Cinders has been given more chance to be a 'lap cat' at the slightest request.


Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Loved learning that Cinders was short for Cinderella and how she got her name. What a sweet story.

Ann Boyajian said...

Thank you for the back story. So sweet - we have an elder lady cat (Lucy) with many of the same age-related issues. We are so sorry about Cinders' passing.