12 January 2010

Eyes Wide Open

All the cats' eyes stared wide open unblinking at the plain white wall. EJ saw the look of disbelief and shock in those eyes and wished a photo could be taken to capture that moment. Soon they scurried to their room to find a comfortable or favourite spot and stayed there.

Since last Monday, there was an incessant banging from EJ's immediate neighbour.

Yes, that house is being renovated, again, after only a year. Work is being done on the neighbour's side on the entire 18-feet length common wall which is the cat yard on EJ's side.

The workers used the backlane to put their tools and work on as well. Cats, curious as they are, wanted to know the goings on in the backlane.

Having two good eyes, they kept alternating their eyes to peep through the tiny gap between the wall and the metal back door. Their bodies kept swaying left and right.

But not Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK. He is a definite winner here. With his missing right eye globe, his left eye is sharp. He just zoomed in, used his left good eye, stared and stayed unmoving for a long time.

Here, Tortie watched Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK peeping through the gap.

The old cage blocks the small gap at the bottom of the metal back door to prevent stray cats, free roaming neighbours' cats and other animals from sticking their paws through.

This is the second week with drilling and hammering still going on. With their better sense of hearing, the cats seems to handle the noise better than EJ.


Cindy said...

What curious kitties! Captain Jack Sparrow leading the way.

Irishcoda said...

The cats are curious ... I'm sure our gang would be too. Me, I'd probably have two pillows clamped to my ears!

Boo-Bah said...

Cats are such curious little creatures. I am glad that nose doesn't seem to bother them. My cats like to hear the tv. Other noses frightens them.



I think those continuous sounds would bother me more than my cats.
They are more afraid of thunder and
the lightening storms. And loud
mufflers on cars! Hope you have quiet soon?

Gattina said...

Poor you ! must be an awful noise all the time. This would be something for my Arthur, he helps ! when we had workers here in the street he always hang around with them and I had to ask them to check their cars in the evening when they left because Arthur sometimes took a little nap in them when a door or a window was open !

Carla said...

Goodness, Gracious!! Total Cat Torment, or is it Total Cat Entertainment???

Julie said...

Hope the noise doesn't last too much longer! happy cot. :)