25 September 2009

Cat Camping? Part II

The camp continues...

Tanya did not go in but walked away and sat down to watch. Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK then sat looking out of the tent with a smirk on his face.

Finding it too hot for his liking in the sweltering tent heated by the direct rays of the midday scorching sun, Tommy decided to walk out to a cooler area.

With the tent all to himself, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK could now lay down to relax at the same time (one) eyeing Tommy who was just outside (foreground) which was cooler and shaded.

The minute Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK left the tent for a quick drink, Tommy went in and trouble started. Captain Jack Sparrow started pawing Tommy who was inside and Tommy reciprocated.

Not to lose out, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK kicked and bit the tent...furiously.

This was the result...in less than an hour.

More to come in Part III.


Rach said...

haha ms yap they look so cute in the tent :)
grace said you're leaving Cempaka!! :(

고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

Looks like Captain Jack Sparrow Hawk & Tommy are the only ones having fun fighting for the right to the tent. :)
Go, Captain Jack Sparrow Hawk! Go, Tommy! You're both my favourites! :)

Ellen Whyte said...

Those cat tents are great value! Captain Jack Sparrow Hawk & Tommy look like they're having a ball.

Borneo rain said...


your cats look very regal in the cat tent! the entry way looks like it has arabic designs on the arch too?

lovely pics!