03 November 2010

A Mood Most Foul

All the cats had a slightly later than usual breakfast yesterday because Tanya must not eat. It was when Tanya was placed in the cage just before the start of a long drive to the clinic that EJ fed the hungry cats.

My roommates are always lucky. All three doctors attended to Tanya's surgery in removing that offensive wire.

As the norm, EJ do not board the cats but prefers to look after them personally. By the time Tanya woke up, it was way past lunch time.

Tanya had to wear an E-collar to prevent her from licking the stitches. Though still groggy, as soon as the E-collar was on, her character changed. Her mood became most foul. She growled. She hated it and constantly tried to remove it.

During the drive home, Tanya maintained that most foul mood, growling non-stop and kept thrashing about in the cage like a crocodile thrashing in shallow water. EJ was afraid that Tanya may hurt herself so had one eye on Tanya with the other on the road. The drive home was not as smooth as normal and was erratic at times. Luckily traffic was light that late afternoon.

Now EJ is thinking perhaps it would be good idea to warn fellow drivers by adding these words to the home-made onboard sign.


Tanya trying to eat.

Her fur covered the view of the stitches but a thread is visible. The stitches will be removed next week.

The culprit which the doctor gave EJ as souvenir.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh my goodness. All that wire was in her poor leg? Loose? Poor Tanya.
Of course, she can't make the connection between being relieved of the wire in her leg and having to wear the hateful collar. I am SO hoping my dog never has to wear one of those collars.
Maybe next time you have to pick up a cat from the clinic, you could get someone to go with you, either to drive or to watch the cat. I had my niece go with me when my cat Herman was very ill. I was driving and I'd say "Is he still breathing?" every five minutes.
You are a wonderful person, EJ.
-- Kay

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Boo-Bah said...

I'm glad the wire is out. I feel sorry for Tanya with the collar though. It is so hard for cats and dogs to eat with the collars on. We will just hope next week will be here soon. By then she probably won't mind wearing it at all.

Blackie007 said...

Poor, Tanya. It's awful having to wear an E-collar. I wonder why those women in Elizabethan times had their gowns with those same view-obstructing collars.

I like the idea of the new sign for your car. LOL!

lupie said...

Hugs to you and Tanya.
Glad that the evil wire is out.
I hope she will be okay without the wire?

Recover well my dear Tanya!

Can't wait to spot the new sign on the road... heheheeh !

ManekiNeko said...

Ugh! That is NOT a proper Halloween celebration at all! How lucky that you felt the wire -- with her heavy coat, it was probably easy to miss. Oh, poor Tanya and poor you having to put up with Ms. Crocodile. I hope all moods (and the leg) improve very soon.

Mr Puddy said...

Poor Tanya,
E-collar might made Tanya look like a Queen but I don't think she can easily put up with it.

And my mom feel sorry for EJ, about driving home with her foul mood. but we love your sign : )

We love the end, when the evil wire turned to be EJ,souvenir : )

Me and My mom hope Tanya has a speedy recovery as quick as it can be, so she can back to be happy mood.

And we want to offer a special hugs and purrs to EJ who always be a wonderful mom.

Linens and Royals said...

What a large piece of wire to come out of one little leg, poor Tanya.
You are lucky Tanya to have E.J being such a caring nurse.

We love Luna said...

Poor Tanya, I imagine that necklace is not comfortable, but I know it's necessary now.I'm sending good energies, please be positive your leg will be okay soon sweetie!

Barbara said...

Oh poor Tanya, hope she makes a quick recovery. Charlie had one of those collars on once - it didn't last long!

Ginger said...

Poor baby, I know she was scared of that collar. Not very fashionable, either.

Old Kitty said...

Oh Tanya!!! Oh you poor beautiful baby!!!! Awwwww me and Charlie thoroughly understand your foul mood!!! It's not nice wearing these things!! You poor thing! But it's only temporary sweet Tanya!! Soon the stitches will be out and you won't have to wear that ever!!!

Big big purrs to you and adorable EJ!!! Take care

Kea said...

Oh poor Tanya! No wonder she was in a cranky mood.

We're sending lots of purrs and healing Light that she recovers quickly!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Poor Tanya - that must have been very ouchie. We know you hate your collar but no-one wants you to nibble on your stitches and make it worse. We hope you managed to get your noms with that nasty collar on.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Sharon Wagner said...

Oh my. What a driving nightmare. And poor Tanya trying to eat, legs all splayed out. Poor thing. But hopefully she's on the mend thanks to you.

Brian said...

My sisters and I send lots of purrs to Tanya to feel lots better soon.

Gattina said...

I can imagine your drive back from the Vet ! Arthur usually sings operas and I get mad ! It's a bad moment for Tanya, but it's nice that you had it done ! I agree, I also should put this onboard sign, hahaha !

GRAÇA said...

Poor thing must Tanya's hurting a lot!
I made a little gift to you is the blog. Presenteslovega-2 (baby kisses)
Ronrons of

Carolyon said...

Ouch! I am sure it will be well worth it once you start to heal up! And I think your EJ will have to hand feed you Tanya for a wee while!

meowmeowmans said...

We are glad they got that wire out of your leg, sweet Tanya. We are sorry you have to wear the infernal "cone of shame and humiliation" until your leg heals a bit, though. WE are purring and praying that you have a speedy recovery.

Kat said...

Poor Tanya... and EJ you are an angel! I hope Tanya will be better soon.

Marg said...

Poor Tanya, We would go nuts too with a collar on like that. We don't even like to wear a normal collar. That sure is a lot of wire to have in your let. Yikes. Hope you get well soon so you can have that collar off. Take care.

ABBY said...

We know that our local pet shops have soft cones for sale that are easier on the cats than the ones the Vet use. FYI
We are so sorry that you had all of that wire in your dear sweet Tanya and you will feel so much better once you are healed.
We will purr

cats of wildcat woods said...

Hope Tanya is still improving. Thanks for coming to Snowballs party - it was fun.

Amin said...

Poor Tanya.....