06 April 2014

Permitted Stealing?

Due to Kenggy's limited time, she is always given everything extra, treats and petting. The rest of the gang get a little less.

Winnie eyeing in full concentration at Kenggy's chicken treats in the dish which could not be finished at one go...

...and decided to 'steal' right under Kenggy's nose!

Guess Kenggy allowed it as Winnie entertains her by pawing her tail. 

This is the only way they could play as Kenggy could no longer run, jump or play like normal cats do.

30 March 2014

New Bed for Kenggy

EJ has been wondering why Kenggy do not climb up to sleep or rest on the soft bed in her personal suite. She always sleep on the tiled floor.

One day Kenggy somehow hobbled out of her personal suite, stood and stared at the stairs. It was then it dawned on EJ that Kenggy could no longer climb up or down. Probably her cancer growth wound hurt too much to do so.

EJ went on a hunt again, this time for an old pair of shorts and some thin sponges to put together a new bed for Kenggy.

When presented to her, Kenggy sniffed and sniffed and then plop down. Since then, she uses the new bed all the time.

16 March 2014

Kenggy's Cancer Update

Her daily bleeding for 50 days worries EJ.

EJ took Kenggy to the vet yesterday. 
Kenggy was a good girl during examination. She laid still on her back fully exposing her belly to be shaved for easier cleaning and dressing.

The picture below may be unpleasant to some viewers. It shows the before and after cleaning. (The picture is purposedly not enhanced and made smaller.)

Her cancer is ferocious. Another small bleeding lump appeared above this main one which may not be seen here. A big lump could be felt higher up near the 'armpit'. Though Kenggy is eating normal, she lost weight.

EJ will continue the daily cleaning and dressing. Kenggy is also given iron and folic acid supplements for her anemia.

We thank all for sending so many purrs, wishes and prayers.

09 March 2014

Kenggy use Underpads

Our human was shocked to see the amount of blood, foul-smelling pus and fluid on Kenggy's home-made singlet and decided that something had to be done.

Well, to be honest, EJ did think about using sanitary pad but decided against it as the size do not match.

The first pad EJ made was using plastic sheet, gauze and cotton wool sewn on to Kenggy' singlet.

It worked well but was a tad bulky and thought perhaps underpads or disposable bed pads cut to size may work. And so the cutting and sewing began. 

It worked extremely well. Here is how it looks.

The blue arrow shows the corner of the pad peeking out of Kenggy's singlet.

We thank all you friends wishing Kenggy well and may not be able to visit as often as we wish. Our human has to keep on cutting and sewing more pads and singlets.

16 February 2014

Keeping Tabs on Pebble and Kenggy

Pebble had an evaluation check-up last week and received another steroid injection for her oral problems. She seems well and eating but the weigh-in showed she did not gain weight as expected.

Her vet advised EJ to monitor Pebble closely including her urine output.

Kenggy has accepted wearing clothes, so there are no more horrifying blood smears on the floor. Kenggy's singlet do have some fluid stains.

EJ is happy and now has a new hobby sort of – making pet singlets out of old T-shirts.