27 September 2015

Lazy WorkOut?

Winnie is feeling lazy.

She wants to stretch. And did it like this...this way...

...that way...

...and clean herself at the same time.

It's a three-in-one workout.

Psst, our human is fast catching on to this lazy 'virus'.

22 September 2015

Hot Tub Soak

Pebble cannot walk or clean herself though she tried. EJ wipes her down after each meal, pee and poo.

Early this morning, EJ woke up to find Pebble lying in a puddle. Urine leaked through her diaper. It was too much to wipe down. 

Water was warmed up and poured into a pail. EJ wiped as much urine off Pebble as possible before putting her in.

EJ was afraid that Pebble would protest when put into the warm water but no, not even a squeak from her. She sat there soaking in the warm water resting her head on the edge of the pail. (Pebble is blind, hence that empty stare.)

She was later towelled off and blown dry. She purred and purred.

12 September 2015

Jolting Stare

Our human procrastinated again.

We decided to take action. Winnie, relaxed on the chair, gave such a STARE that jolted our human back to work!

02 August 2015

Give Me a Hug!

When EJ hugs or combs Tanya or Winnie, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK is sure to come and stick his head to EJ.

There are days when Captain Jack gets whiny and demands a big hug like this.
EJ has no choice but to drop everything, carry him and give him a big tight hug.

26 July 2015

A Twisted Wreck!

Pebble uses human baby pull up pant diapers. Not wanting to waste those few leftover tape type diapers, EJ decided to let Pebble to finish using them.

It worried EJ when Pebble did not soil (pee and poo) her diaper as usual every morning. Throughout the day EJ checked, the tape diaper was dry but there was a drop of brown stain. Pebble was not as active as normal and did not drink or eat as much. Couldn't take it any more, EJ changed Pebble's diaper back to the pant type in the evening. 

And very soon after, her pant diaper was soiled (a lot!).

Pebble must have felt tired from holding it in all day and so relieved to have released it that she slept quite immediately in this awkward position after that.

Is Pebble trying to tell our human that she was a twisted wreck the whole day? 

EJ got the message and will not use those tape type diapers on Pebble any more but may use it to soak up whatever mess or spill.