11 June 2010

Ubiquitous Duct Tape

Lately EJ found the toilet dirtied faster than normal and has been scrubbing it a lot.

It got EJ curious why this should be and decide to have a closer look. It was found that after flushing, the water flow did not stop. It flowed continously. It was that small flow which deposited those rusty-looking stains.

With the cistern cover taken off, it was discovered that the water level had exceeded the maximum mark. If the float handle was made of metal, EJ would have to bend it. Unfortunately the whole contraption is plastic which got EJ stumped.

The orange-coloured arrow points to the little knob that controls the inlet water. After several flushes, EJ found that the knob was a bit too far out and needed to be pushed in. EJ tried but could not tighten the plastic screw that probably control how far that knob goes and also feared that the whole plastic thing could break.

So out came the duct tape. EJ cut a small piece and folded it into a tiny two millimetres thick square and taped it to the knob thus pushing the knob in.

Test flushes was done several times and it seemed to work.

But this is a temporary solution. And so far so good.


Jacqueline said...

Duct tape has so many uses; good for EJ with the rig!...Hope you all have a happy Friday!...kisses to your babies...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Old Kitty said...

Duct tape!!! Excellent. Cisterns and stuff to do with plumbing just baffles me so me and Charlie are most impressed by EJ's inventiveness.

Hope the problem gets fixed soon! Take care

Marg said...

Well the duct tape is a good idea. Our Mom is going to have to examine our toilet and see if we can fix it as easily. Plumbing is not our thing but this is super info.
Have a great week end.

Lucy the Cat said...

My husband always has to fix the toilet. This is a great idea. I know he's used a wire hanger before but I don't think he would've thought of duct tape. I know I wouldn't have! Currently, however, my tennis show is wrapped with duct tape in lieu of getting a new pair.

We love Luna said...

oh gosh it can do lots of headaches!
I hope everything will be fine soon!
By the way funny comment from Lucy and mommy Vicki here, LOL
Happy weekend

ABBY said...

Duct tape is a miracle worker!

Kat said...

I've tried using wire before but never duct tape! Good thinking

meowmeowmans said...

Duct tape is awesome! It seems to work for pretty much everything!

Gattina said...

I see you became an efficient plumber !

Puss-in-Boots said...

I think that's very innovative. Well done...now come and fix my loo...please.

Amin said...